Wednesday, April 6, 2011

short and fast

I almost forgot to blog tonight.
I got paid and paid rent. I took the kids out to dinner where we annoyed the other people around us because we were pretending to be zombies. Went to goodwill and found....nothing. On our walk home it started to rain, got home but I forgot my key's at my house. We had to walk all the way to my place and back in the rain. As soon as we got home, it took the kids a total of 7 minutes to get ready for bed, get in bed and pass out. Lol. I wore them out good.

Tomorrow i'm getting a tattoo done at my house. I'm so fucking scared. Terrified and excited. I know i'm going to cry! Although when I got my eyebrow done I said I would cry but I didn't. :) So maybe I really won't cry. I know it's going to hurt like a bitch. <3 can't wait to piss off my dad on sunday with it. tee hee

Also on facebook I joined a group that believes in zombies happening. Made 2 new awesome possem friends. :) Took a trip to walmart last night at 11. :) Super fun!

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